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Comps- Russia PCVExpo

Writer:compsSource:Official documents Number of visits: Date:2018-11-01

   Under the premise of increasing market share inland, comps has taken another important

step to the international market.We company has attended the 17th Russia PCVExpo Exhibition.

1.Arrange Exhibitions


    Moscow international pump valves, compressors and transmission equipment trade show

by the Russian pump manufacturers association Co-hosted by the relevant professional associations,

and obtained by the ministry of industry and science and technology of Russia, Russia and Europe.

Support from renowned Chambers of commerce and associations.The fair is held once a year,

with nearly 42 countries participating in 2017.There are nearly 900 exhibitors with an exhibition area

of 28,000 square meters and more than 40,000 professional visitors.Since its inception in 2002,

the exhibition has grown to become the most famous in eastern Europe and Russia.The most influential

industrial and civil pump valves, compressors and power equipment professional exhibition, in the international

professional category.The exhibition has an important influence.



    The beautiful natural environment of Moscow provides her people with a good rest environment.

In summer, when you are free They often have a nap in a park or on the side of the road, or have a barbecue

and swim in the countryside.When the holidays come, they go their own way Shu to plant vegetables, rest,

is a great enjoyment of the nation, Moscow highly ethnic characteristics of the souvenirs -Dolls (м а т р ё ш seem а).

It is almost a symbol of traditional Moscow crafts.

3.Reception of customers in the exhibition







4.Friends in Moscow


      Now more and more young people choose to study abroad, we met two from Moscow

Students from Inner Mongolia and Beijing.They are hardworking, enthusiastic, diligent and eager to learn,

giving us a trip to Russia,It adds up to a lot of different feelings.

      Since the beginning of the new century, the overall peaceful international situation has provided basic

conditions and upward impetus for world economic development.China and Russia respectively put forward

the slogan of "taking economic construction as the center" and "comprehensively revitalizing Russia",We will

continue to promote economic development and deepen economic exchanges.As each other's most important

and most economically powerful neighbor,The economic relationship between China and Russia is growing towards

mutual benefit.I hope that in such a good international environment,He has been able to make steady inroads into

the Russian market and contribute to the economic development of China and Russia.

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