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Shijiazhuang comps invested 120 million for the new factory!

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    On the morning of May 23, 2017, in the roaring sound of fireworks, The  shijiazhuang comps compressor co., LTD.,new of  plant in Luancheng, started the foundation ceremony and held a grand ceremony in Luancheng equipment manufacturing base in shijiazhuang city.

Comps Luancheng new factory area covers an area of 75 mu, building area of 34000 ㎡, is expected to invest 120 million yuan, the construction period of 18 months. Construction projects include: office building, r&d center; Production line of permanent magnet variable frequency screw machine and mobile air compressor; Test workshop; Civil engineering; Greening ground and road. Once the new factory is completed, the old comps factory will be fully relocated to Luancheng equipment base.
According to the market forecast and analysis, in combination with the actual situation of comps compressor co., LTD., it is expected to produce more than 7,000 units of the annual output of the permanent magnetic inverter and the mobile air compressor.
Renderings of the new factory
The foundation of the new plant construction project marks comps company into a new stage of development. Comps will upgrade the scale, market competitiveness and keep sustaining development, combined with growing advantage product output, update equipment, research and development of new products, extension of form a complete set, further increase the intensity of investment and project construction, technical transformation, continuously improve product technology content, improve the efficiency of the scale of output, actively promote the enterprise bigger and stronger to do best.

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