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   At present, the air compressor adopts two-point control (upper and lower limit control) or start-stop control (small air compressor), that is, when the pressure in the compressed gas cylinder reaches the upper limit of the set value, the air compressor passes its own air pressure Or the oil pressure closes the intake valve and the small air compressor stops. When the pressure drops to the lower limit of the set value, the air compressor opens the intake valve, and the small air compressor starts again. The traditional control method is easy to cause an impact on the power grid, and it also has certain damage to the air compressor itself, especially when the air consumption fluctuates frequently.
The advantages and disadvantages of screw compressors?
Development history of screw compressor
Which of the single-screw air compressors and twin-screw air compressors is more advantageous in electric screw air compressors?
Base oil compressor oil can be divided into mineral and synthetic oil-type two categories. Mineral oil-based compressor oil production in general, by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing, hydrogenation or clay added refining and other processes to obtain the base oil, then add a variety of additives blending together.
Comps- Russia PCVExpo [ 2019-11-26 ]
Under the premise of increasing market share inland, comps has taken another important step to the international market.We company has attended the 17th Russia PCVExpo Exhibition.
On the morning of May 23, 2017, in the roaring sound of fireworks, The shijiazhuang comps compressor co., LTD.,new of plant in Luancheng, started the foundation ceremony and held a grand ceremony in Luancheng equipment manufacturing base in shijiazhuang city.
Make great efforts to create a good performance,forge ahead and seek development.May 18th is a day worth celebrating.Shijiazhuang Kangpusi Compressor Co., Ltd. ushered in another milestone in the history of entrepreneurship.The company's Tangshan office was grandly opened!
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